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Everedge Classic Lawn Edging is an easy to install, maintenance free, permanent resolution to the age-old headache of maintaining neat edges for your lawn, driveways, path edging, flower and vegetable beds. It can also be used in a variety of soil conditions. Manufactured from galvanised steel with a heavy plastic coating, this edging will not rust and is guaranteed for 10-15 years.

Very easy to install, as individual strips simply slot together and can be fixed into the ground with any regular mallet.

Dimensions: 1m x 7.5cm high
Height of spikes: 9.5cm
Quantity: 5 pieces

Product thickness: 1.6mm

Please note that although each piece is 1 metre in length the length is slightly reduced when the pieces overlap to lock.

How To Install Your Everedge Lawn Edging

  • Step 1: Form a new edge or re-cut the existing edge deeper - effectively make a trench for the Everedge.
  • Step 2: Place Everedge in position; moving the spikes from side to side in the soils helps to seat it well.Ensure the Everedge logo is facing the front and that the new piece being installed has the male section locking into the female.
  • Step 3: Using a rubber mallet or hammer on a block of wood, drive the Everedge into the ground until the edge is flush with the turf level.
  • Step 4: Interlock the overlap
  • Step 5: When all your edging is installed, press in the tongue using a screwdriver. Only push to about 45 degrees
  • Step 6: Using either another piece of Everedge edging, or a length of timber, Everedge can be bent to the required angle before installing.

Please see extra images for a larger version of the step-by-step images.

Customer note: All the different heights of Everedge Lawn Edging are compatible. The join is always the same height from the top edge so the tops of all sizes will remain flush when put together

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Just what I needed! David on 21 May 2020

Spent time researching lawn edging and had no difficulty in selecting this product as the best. It's great. Well packaged, excellent service and delivery. Followed the clear instructions and was delighted how well it looked on completion. Since recommended the edging to a number of interested neighbours! Many thanks.

I love this great, useful and easy to install product. jonty633 on 20 May 2020

This is the second order I have placed for this product. It is perfect, easy to install in place and makes mowing the lawn, saving clipping edges as you mow over the edge of the lawn. Thank you Greenfingers.com for a beautiful, perfect product and excellent delivery service. Very satisfied customer. John.

Perfect Nottsgirl on 18 May 2020

Great product which now forms a clean edge to the lawn all around the garden. Taking our time to prepare properly, It was easy and quite quick to install, following the instructions included in the pack. Although not the cheapest product, it is very sturdy and our friends have had the same edging for many years - it was their recommendation to buy - so hopefully it will be good value for money. Very pleased so far.

Excellent edging Helen on 13 May 2020

I had used Everedge before, giving me a great edging to my lawn. This second order was to form a link between a new lawn edge and a new path. Easy to use and has worked wonderfully.

tidy your edges David Harlow on 12 May 2020

This is a great product, flexible and easy to install. The garden looks so much better with this neat edging. Very fast delivery from GreenFingers - highly recommended

Excellent Product, Easy to install paul-l-scott on 14 April 2020

This is a fantastic product to give your lawn a professional edge. Easy to install, and very flexible. I now have this installed in both my front and rear gardens. Definitely recommend this product.

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Q & A

Q: Is galvanised the same as corten?
A: No Corten steel and galvanised steel are different. Galvanised steel has a zinc coating to protect the metal from rusting. Corten steel forms a stable rust-like appearance as if exposed to the weather in order to form a protective coating.
Q: What is the finish on the non galvanised everedge?
A: They all have a matt finish with e-coating, for our customers information: e-coating is considered to be a “wet” process, a spray gun is used to electrostatically apply the particles onto the surface of the substrate.
Q: How many of the lengths of everedge are in a pack
A: The pack contains 5 of 1 meter lengths.
Q: I have a shed with slate around the border of it. I would like to use your edging between the slate and the grass lawn. It would obviously need to be able to go round the corners. Does your product bend for this purpose?
A: Yes, they''re made of steel, so they will bend and hold shape.
Q: Does the height include the spikes?
A: No, the height of the edging is above the ground measurement, the height of the spikes are 9.5cm below the ground.
Q: Can this be used with artificial turf?
A: Everedge have a specific edging for artificial grass, EverEdge Atlas for Artificial Grass


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